Putnam County

Putnam County was originally created in 1842.

Travel Route Description

Downtown Cookeville


Continuing on US 70N/TN 24/Cookeville Highway from Smith County, the Walton Road Scenic Byway crosses into Putnam County where it follows US 70N/TN 24/Nashville Highway to Cookeville, and closely aligns with the original road bed. In Cookeville the Byway continues onto US 70N/TN 24/West Broad Street to East Broad Street. The route follows US 70N/TN 24/East Spring Street through eastern Cookeville.

Diverging southward away from the original road bed—soon to be retraced by the proposed Cookeville-Monterey Rail Trail—the route continues on US 70N/TN 24/Monterey Highway reaching the town of Monterey. In Monterey the route follows US 70N/TN 24/TN 84/South Holly Street and then turns right onto US 70N/TN 24/East Stratton Avenue. After passing through Monterey, visitors will continue on the Byway, US 70/TN 24/Crossville Highway, to the Putnam/Cumberland County line, where the Byway generally realigns with the old roadbed.