Cumberland County

The settlement was referred to as Crossville, and that name was chosen when a post office was established in the 1830s here.

Travel Route Description

View to Agricultural Land, Looking Southeast Toward Crossville


Shortly after crossing into Cumberland County from Putnam County, visitors enter into Crossville on US 70N/TN 24. The old road alignment travels north just past Bakers Crossroads and circles Crossville to the north. In Crossville the Byway route follows US 70N/TN 24/West Avenue and continues onto US 70/TN 1/West Avenue. A left turn onto US 70/TN 101/TN 1 directs Byway visitors through Crossville to the town limit.

Less than five miles from Crossville travelers will enter into Crab Orchard known for the unique Crab Orchard Stone that is quarried there. The Byway generally realigns with the old roadbed about midway between Crossville and Crab Orchard. Continuing on US 70/TN 1 the next stop is Ozone, a small town known for its remarkable waterfall located just off of the Byway. Heading east on the Byway, visitors will follow US 70 Scenic/TN 1 to the Cumberland/Roane County line.