Roane County

Roane County was established in 1801.

Travel Route Description

Valley View of Rockwood from Mount Roosevelt


Entering Roane County from Cumberland County, the Byway follows US 70 Scenic/TN 1 for approximately 2.8 miles and then turns left onto US 70/US 27/TN 1/TN 29/S Gateway Avenue to the town of Rockwood. The Byway generally follows the old roadbed traveling through Rockwood. In Rockwood the route stays to the right to continue onto US 70/TN 1/TN 29/Roane State Highway.

Less than four miles from here, the Byway takes visitors to Midtown on US 70/TN 1/J Lon Foust Highway/Roane State Highway. Crossing the bridge at Watts Barr Lake into Kingston, the Byway follows US 70/TN 1/Roane State Highway/Race Street to a right turn onto TN 58/Kentucky Street. After a mile on TN 58/Kentucky Street, visitors will arrive at the eastern-most terminus of the Byway, Fort Southwest Point, once a destination of early 19th century pioneers crossing the Cumberland Plateau.