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Other Distinct Landforms

Cumberland Mountains
The best example of a distinct landform located along the Byway is found on the property of
the Garden Inn Bed and Breakfast near Monterey.
The following distinct landforms are directly accessible from the Byway:

  • Buck Lake
  • Campground Natural Bridges
  • Cracked Bluff Arch
  • Cumberland Mountain Lake
  • Monterey Lake
  • Kingston Arch
  • Tanasi Lake
Other distinct landforms within the 10-mile corridor of the Byway (Source: TWRA) include the following:

  • Center Hill Bluffs
  • Daddy’s Creek Island
  • Devilstep Hollow
  • Dripping Rock Bluff
  • Cherrolake Lake
  • Liles Natural Bridge
  • Liles Arch
  • Meadow Park Lake
  • Gallaher Tunnel
  • England Cove Arch
  • Window Cliff
  • Quinland Lake