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Burgess Falls
There are more waterfalls on the Cumberland Plateau than in any area of similar acreage in the state

due to the formation of rock layers eroded by local streams.

Ozone Falls (110’)

Named for the “stimulating quality of the air” created by its mists, Ozone Falls is located on the eastern edge of the Crab Orchard Mountains on the Cumberland Plateau. The picturesque, 110-foot cascade is so beautiful that the site was selected for filming scenes for the movie Jungle Book. Public access to the cascade is navigable by a rugged 3/4-mile trail beginning along the bluff near the falls and continues into the gorge passing Gamblers Den, a small rock house. The trail then follows Fall Creek to the end at its confluence with Renfro Creek. Parking is available.

Waterfalls Directly Accessible from the Byway

  • Bridge Creek Falls (30’)
  • City Lake Falls (10’)
  • Harriman Cascade (18’)
  • Hidden Hollow Falls (20’)

Waterfalls Found within the 10-Mile Byway Corridor

  • Burgess Falls (136’) – located in a State Natural Area
  • Cummins Falls (50’) – located in a State Park
  • Hardscrabble Falls
  • Powder House Falls (40’)
  • Basin Falls (45’)
  • Mill Creek Cascade, two falls (15’)
  • Russell Falls (30’)
  • Pilot Falls (10’)
  • Little Falls (30’)
  • Falling Water Cascades (10’)
  • Window Cliff Falls (30’)
  • Mill Creek Cascades (50’)